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5 Reasons Why You Should Book Pilates Reformer Privates

Updated: Sep 20, 2019

Maybe you're brand new to Pilates Reformer, or maybe you've been going to group classes for years--it doesn't matter! Private instruction is invaluable no matter where you are in your Pilates practice. Here are 5 reasons why you should book a Pilates Reformer Private Session:

1. You're brand new to Reformer. Many studios require brand new clients to take anywhere between 3 to 5 to 10 private lessons before entering into a group class. Why? Group (exercise) classes are designed for uninjured, healthy students who have enough of the fundamentals under their belt to work safely and progressively within their own bodies under the guidance of an instructor who is also overseeing other students. In other words, the instructor is keeping a flow and rhythm to the class and managing many people at the same time. In a Private lesson, the eyes are entirely on you, and (depending on the instructor's philosophy) the exercises are likely modified to your specific needs. Some clients decide never to go into group classes, finding the individual attention a necessity in learning how Pilates can enhance their lives.

2. You've been going to group classes for years. You've been a devoted practitioner and sometimes are even able to attend 3 classes per week. But you find yourself at a plateau. Or a certain exercise or flow has been eluding you and you just "can't get it" no matter how hard you chip away at "it". Or a substitute teacher has sparked some something that has motivated you to go deeper into your practice. Get a Private! Take the time to address your questions or the patterns in your movement. How much more time do you want to waste doing things wrong or worse, be unfulfilled in your body? Another issue I hear about: do you often get distracted from the chatter of your classmates...? I highly encourage all current students of Pilates to take one Private Lesson once every two month, at a minimum.

3. You have a goal that you want to achieve. Perhaps you are a recreational golfer and are tired of the aches and pains you feel after a rousing eighteen on the green. Perhaps you want to look a certain way for a special occasion. Perhaps you'd like to have more energy in your life. Perhaps your back and shoulders hurt from your day job. Perhaps you are a professional athlete or dancer and need to find strength not necessarily offered on the gym floor. Perhaps your life is chaotic and would like 55-minutes devoted entirely to you. Whatever your goal is, one on one Pilates sessions can be a tremendous part of getting you there, by having the instructor zero in exactly what you need.

4. You're fairly fit, but you have low back pain, or you're not very fit and have low back pain. A lot of Pilates is about alignment. It's less about which muscles are contracting and more about how your body is working while performing the exercise. In other words, we look less at how much spring weight you are pulling and more about your spine, your pelvis, and your shoulder girdle. In cases of injury or bodies that have not been in much use, quite a few of Reformer exercises are performed supine, which gives the student help and feedback of the mat underneath them. Your doctor may advise strengthening your abs for LBP, and Pilates instructors understand that a) it's not all about your abdominis rectus, and b) abdominal muscle tissue needs mobility (ie. moving the spine) as well as stability.

5. It's difficult for you to commit. Let's face it, Private Training is not cheap. But if you are committing yourself to change, Private Lessons remind you that YOU ARE WORTH EVERY PENNY. You likely won't be missing sessions or late-canceling them, because you paid good money for them. And once you start seeing and feeling results, you will enthusiastically continue on your journey to a healthier lifestyle.

Everyone has a different reason for studying Pilates privately--probably as many reasons as there are practitioners. Doesn't matter what the reason, get yourself in the studio and onto the mat or equipment. You will thank yourself for it.

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