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A Sticky Situation

As a kid, I pretty much disliked wearing socks around the house. Especially seeing others wear socks on...carpet--a surefire way to induce a shiver up my spine. Funny now, decades later, I wouldn't ever dream of going without sticky socks for bootybarre or Pilates.

I used to roll my eyes at Pilates or barre studios that required students to wear socks or sticky socks. Until I became an instructor whose second nature is to offer hands-on adjustments. Our feet are generally considered our foundation and often, the origin of misalignment. Nine of out ten times, I can correctly assess a body during Footwork on the Reformer just by seeing what's happening in the feet. And so therefore, I might have to make an adjustment to a that area of the body. Feet in and of themselves do not make me squeamish, however, athlete's foot does. Fungus or anything contagious needs to be contained within a sock--preferably sticky socks for your own safety.

I am such an advocate for sticky socks that recently I became an associate for Tavi Noir/Toe Sox. I don't have a huge inventory, but if you're looking, hit me up and let's see what I can do for you.

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